Thrive Integrative Wellness Coaching specializes in empowering women and new moms in life’s transitions to take back control of their own health and happiness. Health coaching helps clients make sustainable changes to prioritize their own self-care so they are healthier, more energetic, and feel more balanced.  In this hectic stage of life, women can still be their best for family, friends, work, their community, and most importantly, themselves.  It’s the client’s life.  Coaching helps her live it the way she has always wanted!

Don't just Survive.  Thrive!

Let us help you maximize your health and happiness:
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Our Core Principles:


Health is unique to each person:

We provide the support and accountability for the client to make the most important changes for their health and well being. Coaching is tailored to client priorities, whether that be improving nutrition, increasing exercise, reducing stress, improving sleep, cultivating stronger relationships, developing a career or any other area of health.  We address personal needs so our clients can be the woman, friend, partner, and mother they want to be.

A whole-person approach:

We know that as a mom, identity is much more than the client’s role as a caregiver. We believe that true wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  Coach and client explore health in terms of body, mind, and spirit as well as the environment in which the client lives, works, and plays. This allows women to feel vibrant in every aspect of life.

Women have the strength:

We believe our clients are uniquely talented people with great capability and innate strength that will help them reach their goals. The work isn't easy, but we can promise that it is worth it!

What We Offer:
  • A proven process. The coaching process helps women discover what optimal health means to them and how to achieve it. This proven process helps clients stay inspired and moving toward their goals.


  • Resources and tools. We will help clients develop and implement a personalized plan to achieve their wellness goals.


  • Support. We partner with clients to set and meet goals, offer encouragement to step out of comfort zones, provide accountability, and help celebrate the client’s successes.


  • A safe place. A client can be her authentic self and share her thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement in our confidential sessions.

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